ADD Alumni! Want to show appreciation for how SADD impacted your life? Start your own social fundraising page to tell your story and raise funds to ensure other students have the opportunity to be a part of SADD well into the future!

You can securely accept credit card donations through this site enabling you to give donors a convenient way to support your effort!

It's easy! Set up your page, then follow the on-screen instructions. You can set up teams or have your own page, it's up to you.

Tips for Success
Make A Donation: Lead by example. Make a self-donation to show your commitment to the cause.

Edit Your Page: Tell your story! Update your personal fundraising webpage and tell the world why you, as an alumnus, are raising funds for SADD!

Send Email: Send emails from your Admin panel (already written for you!) to ask for support from friends, family and co-workers.

Get Social: Get social by including a link to your fundraising page in your Facebook status.